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Salads Year-round

Our Story

UN Hult Prize award-winning company, Taza is on a mission to revolutionize the access and consumption of fresh greens, through the use of innovative Hydroponics and LED technologies.

Farmed Thoughtfully

With Taza's innovative irrigation system, the greens never go thirsty and the water is never wasted. In conventional farming, 90% of water is lost through evaporation and runoff.

Vertical farming allows Taza to produce healthy greens on a global scale while requiring only a fraction of the land required by conventional farming methods.

Taza's ZeroWaste Technology has allowed us to ride out the market ups and downs without wasting any greens. Products nearing their shelf life are used to make other products or used to feed other plants, the greens are always put to use.

Why Our Salads

Upto 40X more nutrients

Full of vitamins

Mouth-watering flavours

Grown with organic seeds


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