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Our Story

UN Hult Prize award-winning company, Taza is on a mission to revolutionize the access and consumption of fresh greens, through the use of innovative Hydroponics and LED technologies.

Our Greens

Tuscan Salad

Fresh, flavourful, and nutrition-packed with unique ingredients and a mouthwatering dressing. A must-try for a healthful twist to your meals. Get your slice of this salad goodness today!

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Middle of East

Embark on a flavor journey with our Middle East Salad. A harmony of garlic chives, sunflower shoots, pomegranate and more. The salad is crowned with salty halloumi cheese. Immerse yourself in a unique taste sensation inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine!

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Parm Nas

Wake up your palate with our Parm Nas Salad. Delight in a perfect balance of nasturtium, borage, and broccoli microgreens, complemented by tangy cranberries and rich parmesan. Topped off with crunchy pistachios, this salad is a symphony of taste.

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Okra Crunch

Discover the crunch of fresh greens and roasted okra, sprinkled with chickpeas and feta cheese. Enhanced by a tangy tamarind yogurt dressing, our Okra Crunch Salad will take your taste buds on an adventure. Get a taste of freshness today!

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